Big Cats, 2022

Fire Run, 2022

Pendulum, 2022

Arguments. 2022

Arm the Animals, 2022

Demoralization, 2023

Fucked, 2022

Join, 2022

Primordial Ooze, 2022

Scream, 2020

Cats. 2020

Drone, 2020

Fire and Flood, 2020

The Weather, 2020

Global Warming Agitprop Posters

started 2020, ongoing project

13in x 19in, screen print

A series of black light posters that I think of as global warming agitprop. The posters employ a deliberately ambiguous language to describe an unstable present. Their dark messages are set against a phosphorescent backdrop, suggesting an ominous, reality-altering event on the horizon.