END DATE: FALL 2024 (Currently in beta testing)

PLATFORM: Meta Quest 2 and 3
ASPECTS: VR interactive narrative experience

Diatribes is a non-linear VR experience that holds a prism up to our collective feelings on climate change.


“Diatribes” is a poetic VR experience that explores the internal conflicts that arise when we’re confronted with the reality of climate change. 

Diving into a surreal mindspace, you must navigate through anxiety in an obstacle course of distractions. Push past barriers, traverse varied landscapes, and unlock ancient myths throughout your journey. Will you be able to break through your emotions and find a way forward?

The first prototype was completed in 2019 for the HTC VIVE and a vertical slice of the game was completed in early 2022 for the Oculus Quest 1. The final version is an interactive game made for the Quest 2 and 3. It can be played standing or sitting. The player completes tasks and navigates the soundings to move the story forward. The game is currently in the beta stage and will be released to marketing in the summer of 2024.


Veronica Graham – Director / Writer / 3D Artist 

Julia Kim – Music Composition / Sound Designer

Holly Newlands – Gameplay Programmer / Technical Artist / Technical Designer

Sharleen Chen – Creative Lead / Interactive Design / 2D Artist

Megan Clement – Voice Actor