Not Quite Fatal


These are photos from the Most Ancient installation at Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO. This work was part of the Not Quite Fatal group exhibition, curated by Chelsea Smith.

“Bringing together the work of visual artists practicing in printmaking, sculpture and drawing, Not Quite Fatal engages with our current collective state of climate grief and environmental anxiety. Exploring a range of artistic responses and personal identities, artists Flannery Cashill, Julio Del Rio, Ocean Escalanti, Luis Estrada, Most Ancient, Gilvon Greer and Danielle Wright addresses place/displacement within the environment and the urgency of community care.”

Ice Breakers


Ice Breakers is the third installment for Weather Reports, a series of seasonal “spell” books that are part comic strip and part visual poem. It captures the emotional ups and downs of daily existence through the use of humor, cultural references, political theory, personal narratives, and sequential art. This version took the entirety of 2020 to complete and is a reflection on a time that is distinct from what came before.

7.25 in x 9.5 in, 28 pages

Risograph printed, saddle stitch with soft cover.

Water SIMs


Description: Water SIMs is part of the “Calming Video” series, short time-based work that is a celebration of non-action in a world obsessed with productivity. They are inspired by writings from Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. In “Water Sims” a translation of Lao Tzu words about water’s passive mutability stream across a collage sequence of water simulations. The water we see is a poor replica of the original, but the value of simulations lies in the process of repetition not in the result. Understanding is achieved by observing differences.

Sound: Julia Kim
Visuals: V.A. Graham

Two Potted Plants In A World Without Nature


Description: “Two Potted Plants in a World Without Nature” is about the transformative power of being tethered to one place. The cyclical rising and falling of the plants mimic the deep breathing exercises used to detect sensations in our bodies. A grid of repeating animations sway between moments of harmony and discord creating a constantly shifting visual awareness on the screen. These visuals were composed using analog video synthesizers during a residency at Signal Culture (NY). This video is designed to lull viewers into a hypnotic introspection.

Sound: Julia Kim
Visuals: V.A. Graham

Wild West, 2020
14in x 11in,
gouache and ink on paper
Truths, 2020
diptych 9in x 12in, gouache and ink on paper
The Depths, 2020
14in x 11in, gouache and ink on paper
Tar Pits, 2020
14in x 11in, gouache and ink on paper
Siren’s Call, 2020
diptych 9in x 12in, gouache and ink on pape
Period, 2020
Diptych 9in x 12in, gouache and ink on paper
Going Straight, 2020,
14in x 11in, gouache and ink on paper
Dyslexia, 2020
14in x 11in, gouache and ink on paper
Coupling, 2020
14in x 11in, gouache and ink on paper
Clarifying, 2020
14in x 11in, gouache and ink on paper
Death Shroud, 2018
12in x 19in, gouache and ink on paper
Trajectories, 2018
12in x 19in, gouache and ink on paper
Simulacrum [phase 1,2,3,4], 2018
11.5in x 8in, gouache and ink on paper

State Park Commemorative Quilt, 2019
8 ft x 11 ft, mixed media on paper
Fire Blanket, 2019
Hand sewn cloth, screen print, acrylic paint, and ink dye
90 in x 66 in
Flood Coverage, 2019
Hand sewn cloth, screen print, acrylic paint, and ink dye
84 in x 54 in

Play through video of the first prototype of “Diatribes”

Diatribes: Early Prototypes


PLATFORM: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

An early demo for “Diatribes” premiered in Fall 2019 at Kala Art Institute as a roomscale VR experience housed inside an installation of 3D and 2D concept art. Over the course of 2 weeks visitors were invited to play test the game and give feedback to the design team.

“Diatribes” is a Most Ancient production. This early prototype was a collaboration with designer  Veronica Graham, programmer Holly Newlands, and sound artist Julia Kim.

To see the latest information about the project visit the “Diatribes” webpage.

Big Cats, 2022
Fire Run, 2022
Pendulum, 2022
Arguments. 2022
Arm the Animals, 2022
Demoralization, 2022
Fucked, 2022
Join, 2022
Primordial Ooze, 2022
Scream, 2020
Cats. 2020
Drone, 2020
Fire and Flood, 2020
The Weather, 2020

Global Warming Agitprop Posters

started 2020, ongoing project

13in x 19in, screen print

A series of black light posters that I think of as global warming agitprop. The posters employ a deliberately ambiguous language to describe an unstable present. Their dark messages are set against a phosphorescent backdrop, suggesting an ominous, reality-altering event on the horizon.

The Zium Garden

A Virtual Museum Exploration Game on for PC and Mac.


Two interactive environments created for the The Zium Garden, a collaborative project with 50 different artists. The first one is  “T.M.O.N.B. Sequenced”, a series of undulating murals that players can walk through. The second is “The Amphitheater”, a public space designed to emphasize the relationship between the singular and the many.



Risograph printed, perfect bound.


5.5 x 4.25 inches, 48 pages.

NAT vs CIV is a series of comic storyboards for a walking simulator game. Readers are taken on a narrated journey through an arena room, where Nature and Civilization are locked in an endless battle.

Zium Museum Map, 2022
Zium Garden Museum Map, 2018

ZIUM Museum Maps

Special edition print and digital art for the 2022 Zium and the 2018 Zium Garden, a museum exploration game designed by Michael Berto. Available for free download on for Mac and Windows.